I work as a professional skating coach and off-ice trainer. I organize ice hockey camps and power skating for single players, groups, and teams. I also plan off ice training programs, video analyses, speed measurements with electronic timing system, and customized training programs based on players’ needs. Level of players that I coach are from adolescent to NHL.

Ice hockey practices need to be fun for both players and coaches. Deficiencies can be corrected with good humor. I believe that the most important thing is to motivate players with positive ways so that the learning is fun – work is done easier in a good atmosphere. I keep my standards high because I always aim for the highest outcomes.

I have designed all the practices carefully so that the learning process is efficient and fast. In addition to downhill skating, I have experience in speed and figure skating. Combination of all these different techniques, move players skating skills to a different level. Managing the middle body enables players to break new records in starting speed, skating position, and balance. New techniques do create results – I have been able to increase SM-Liiga and NHL players’ starting speed significantly.

To summarize this I quote Teemu Pulkkinen (Detroit Red Wings): "It’s been a great fun working with Lari, and I have definitely improved my skills..."


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