• Aki Mäkelä
  • Markus Pöyhönen
  • Lari Joutsenlahti

Meet the professionals Lari Joutsenlahti, Aki Mäkelä, and Markus Pöyhönen.  Each of us has unique skills and have certified in our own fields. Combined, we promised to bring your skills to a new level. Body balance and sprint techniques have come to hockey, and you have a chance to learn something different. MPJ Training Camps are four-week camps, in which you will practice with each of us three times.

Aki Mäkelä

Aki has a strong background in ice hockey. He played for Jokerit both in juniors and in SM-Liiga, he was also chosen to Pohjola Camp. His trainings focus on ice hockey and body balance. More about Aki on

Markus Pöyhönen

Markus is one the leading sprinters in Finland having many Finnish records. Nowadays he is working as a printer instructor as well as specialist (??) for wellness products.  In addition to running, Markus has a background in speed skating, and thus his practices are excellent for ice hockey players. Markus focuses on off-ice practices improving players’ reaction, and starting speed.

Lari joutsenlahti as off-ice instructor

Lari focuses on players’ skating, balance, and coordination through jump training, and power band practices.

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