I use novel technology in all my trainings. For example with Speedstation (heating the blades of the skates) players learn effective and economic slide. I also use Brower’s wireless electronic timing device. Often players run 20-30 meters faster than they skate even though skating should be faster. Timing is not only for testing players but to gain knowledge and understanding of different techniques and execution times.

More relaxed performance enables faster reaction times for e.g. exploding acceleration, and further faster straight line acceleration. I also draw step marks on the ice so that the players find the right rhythm easier.

Using videos (video cameras and tablets) is very important. Most of the times players don’t really know what they are doing, because they are not able to see their step marks and paths. Using videos makes it possible to analyze and discuss about the movements immediately on the ice, and players are able to use corrective actions right away.

Power Skating

Power skating is designed to improve and master skating techniques. It is not only for straight line acceleration, but for all skating skill areas, backward skating, tight glide turns, forward and backward crossovers, just to mention a few.

"skate them hard", "make them work", "get them tired". Everyone wants to skate hard and to have a good workout. However power skating is technique training. The purpose is to teach players how to go somewhere – fast. The players learn how to properly execute every maneuver in the entire hockey repertoire. They become not just fast, but powerful, stable, explosive and efficiently fast.